Welcome to Suomenniemi

Suomenniemi is situated in South Savo, 45 km south from city of Mikkeli.
Suomenniemi is an excellent place for living, experiences and holidays.
Suomenniemi is not far from cities of Mikkeli, Lappeenranta and Kouvola, less than an hour by car.



Let us give you some details about Suomenniemi:

  • Lake ”Kuolimo” is considered a particularly clean and clear water lake. It is inhabited by a relict population of the Arctic char, the fish called “Kuolimon nieriä”. Fishing of the Arctic char is totally prohibited.
  • Rapids “Kiesilänkoski” rest area on river and lake landscape via Lappeenranta- Mikkeli highway 13, café.
  • Museum Farm “Lyytikkälä talo” comprises one of best preserved complete farming estates. It remained with the same family for well over 250 years. Its courtyard, buildings and their contents have remained almost unchanged.
  • ”Kauriansalmi” rest area with nice view to lake Kuolimo via Lappeenranta- Mikkeli highway 13.
  • View Tower, a breathtaking view over the lake Kuolimo and its surroundings, campfire place and hiking routes.
  • Centrum of Suomenniemi, food market and pharmacy.
  • Disc golf park in stunning landscape, an 18-hole forest course.
  • Village “Suomenkylä” is a nationally valuable landscape area. Fields, farming areas, country yards and farm houses from the beginning of last century.
  • Festival Suomenniemi -week in July provides lots of events for all.

and many others – on this webpage you’ll find more information about events, facilities and attractions of Suomenniemi


We welcome you to Suomenniemi – for a short or a longer time!